Women On The Move To Make A Historic Change for Better Economics

The Continuation of a Legacy of Hope

The P.O.P. (Prosperity Over Poverty) Movement is looking for Women & Men that are concerned about the poor Economic conditions in their community and in their country. If you are one of those individuals, please register using the form on this page to become a Woman About Priorities today! We need your support!

Our job creation campaign will kick off December 1-7 of 2017, and launch February 1-7 of 2018. This campaign is to create a minimum of 1,000,00 jobs and 200,000 entrepreneurs nationwide by the year 2022. We are starting with Mississippi, the country's most economically poorest state.

 Who we are looking for to represent our state of Mississippi:

  • 200 Women
  • 200 Men
  • 200 Millennial young ladies (Age 18-30)
  • 200 Millennial young men (Age 18-30)
  • 200 Adolescents (Age 5-17)

If you know anyone that fits this description, or may be interested in being a part of this historic and life-changing event, please send them to this website, or have them call one of these numbers: