We Must Stand Together On Purpose & Priorities, Demanding Prosperity -Over- Poverty.

The Prosperity-Over-Poverty Movement is launching the The P.O.P 360
Community Restoration & Job Creation Project (CR & JCP). This project will assist
in providing financial aid to help support our small businesses, churches,
organizations, and individuals in bouncing back from their hardships.  
    The P.O.P. 360 Community Restoration & Job Creation Project will focus on
implementing initiatives that will help restoring at-risk and impoverished
communities by creating pathways to Success. This process has been designed
to aid in eradicating Poverty and destroying the Death-Hold it has had on many of
our communities. It is a New Day, and we are doing it in a New Way because we
are training and employing your community through community restoration and
job creation projects to help Americans get back to earning money and receive a
larger pay.
    We will come into your CITY/COMMUNITY and work with city employees
including mayors, board members and citizens. Our New Day Business Resource
Marketing & Training Centers will be the catalyst to bring change to our
impoverish communities. (NDBRM & TC) will offer services that will assist in
making valuable changes in a given community. It is important for the citizens to
offer support and become engaged. If a community is to be saved, the citizens
must first initiate that they want their community to be saved. 
    This is not a government funded project, nor is it ran by the government.  Its
structure is based on the rules and regulations of the city, local and federal
government. We will take advantage of all the tax laws and credits associated
with the federal government in the implementation of the Rebuilding, Restoring
and Reinvesting back into the communities. Everyone has an opportunity to
participate in this CR & JCP project. Individuals will be able to earn additional
money and learn new skills while beautifying their communities.  
    Through our income generating initiatives, they will be known as IBCRA,
Independent Business Community Restoration Advocates. IBCRA is Men and
Women About Priorities working within their city zip code prioritizing, making

their community and family lifestyle better. This system has been designed to
help families to leave a Legacy for future generations. If there is money earned
through this income generating platform administered by the P.O.P. Movement,
you will receive a tax form 1099 NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) at the
beginning of the year. 

       (The P.O.P. Movement Top Priorities) 

  • 1. Creating Jobs through supporting New Business Startups.  

  • 2. Support existing businesses so entrepreneurs can expand and hire more employees. 

  • 3. Increasing households' incomes, to help with the rising cost of inflation such as increasing gas prices, groceries, rent, mortgages, and medications. Also, by increasing households’ income, it will aid in minimizing the number of people that are receiving government assistance from entitlement programs. 

  • 4. Minimize crime and gun violence (Where there is Poverty, There Is Crime). 

  • 5. Encourage citizens in all communities to consider starting their own business whether brick and mortar or online. 

  • 6. To provide the tools and resources to guide and help businesses get the necessary things done that supports their business professionally. 

  • 7. Focus on getting Grants and Loans for existing businesses and new businesses startups.  

  • 8. To assist businesses with maintaining a good credit score and providing professional them with financial advice.  


Support our New Day Business Resource & Solution Centers & Our Lifeline Education, Entrepreneur & Environmental Training Academy (LEE-ETA)

Supporting NDBR&MC and LEE-ETA means invoking change. LEE-ETA graduates are well-prepared for their first job with solid training. In fact, they are often better prepared than most of their competitors for entry-level positions. Students receive job readiness training and interview preparation, and they also learn how to search for jobs. Your donation and product purchases ensure they are successful.

The LEE-ETA training program includes an 11-week internship at one of our business partners establishments. Students build confidence, get professional references, and build their resumes. These internships learn to work as part of a team, and they gain customer service skills that are valuable in many other fields.


LEE-ETA training courses include:

- Business Retention & Expansion

- Economic Development Credit Analysis

- Economic Development Finance Programs

- Economic Development Marketing & Attraction

- Economic Development Strategic Planning

- Entrepreneurial Development Strategies

- Introduction to Economic Development

- Managing Economic Development Organizations

- Neighborhood Development Strategies

- Real Estate Development & Reuse

- Small Business Development Strategies

- Technology-Led Economic Development

- Workforce Development

Support for Entrepreneurs

The P.O.P. Movement supports entrepreneurs starting small businesses. LETA graduates can access training, funding, and ongoing support. The terms and conditions required for a loan or investment are as follows:

1. We will invest up to $20,000 in a student's vision to start their very own business. Our New Day Business Resource Solution Centers will serve as the entrepreneur's financial adviser for two years or longer if desired. As an adviser, we make sure that all records are kept properly, that all taxes are being paid and filed correctly, and we provide incentives that help make the business a success.

2. The funds must be paid back within three years so that we can help others explore their dreams. This model creates jobs and new business infrastructure. Should the business not be as profitable as expected within the first three years, we work with the business owner for repayment based on actual profits.

3. The business owner must make an obligation to give back to the program by offering our students opportunities for employment when positions become available. The business is required to donate 15%-20% of its profits back to The P.O.P. Movement for the first 5 years. This helps us continue to grow and enables us to fund even more new enterprises.

The P.O.P. Movement supports entrepreneurs who are starting small businesses in supporting workers. LEE-ETA students enjoy access to on-the-job training, funding, and ongoing support.

LEE-ETA Students are also workers in our Cradle-to-Cradle Manufacturing Process. Learning job and work-related skills through our manufactory and it's related operations. Our manufactory workers produce commemorative books, saucers, blocks, towels, and many other commemorative items. This teaches them to work with a variety of mediums, along with other skills such as shipping & handling, marketing, communication, and many other job-related skills. Some of our produced items can be seen within this information block.
Check out some of our hand made products in our P.O.P. Marketplace

Support for Workers

Through On-The-Job Training

Ongoing Support & Training

New business owners must extend their initial training for an additional 12 month, and they must attend a continuing education course annually for five years. This is required to ensure entrepreneurs stay updated on industry changes and new tax laws. It also builds confidence that their businesses will continue to be successful.

Building Relationships With Other Companies

We work with a consortium of business alliance members that support the sales of our products.The P.O.P. Movement plans to open 50 New Day Business Resource & Market Centers within the first 2 years after the 360 POP Community Restoration Campaign is launched. The Centers will consist of new retail and wholesale outlets, which will create many new jobs. Products will be available to wholesale customers as well as retail consumers. Our members and business partners support the interests of our students, whether self-employed or a W2 wage earner.

The National Movement Districts & Regional Conferences

The P.O.P. Movement has plans to build Community P.O.P. Districts. If A New day Business Resource is available in that city, it will serve as a CR&JC Campaign Headquarters. This will help organize plans in revitalizing that particular community/zip code. The P.O.P Movement will hold quarterly, semi-annual and annually conferences. These conferences will bring members together from around the country to meet and greet and to inform other members of the progress and success they have made in accomplishing our 4 year goals. We will educate large groups of people about the importance of economic development, providing valuable tips as well as insights. Join the movement today.

POP Movement Job Creation Chart

100 Jobs Created by the POP will generate:

 $1,920,000/year  Estimated Annual Revenue flowing directly into the hands of 100 new taxpayers in the form of weekly paychecks: purchasing power
 $354,830/year  Estimated annual state & federal tax revenue created
 $7,950,000/year  Estimated annual business enterprise and economic patriot membership revenue generated specifically for job creation, infrastructure, housing, human service development, Angel seed preferred returns, research and development of new sustainability components, counseling, life skill training, and much more.
 $10,224,830/year  Combined Local & Community Impact

Liveable wage employment greatly reduces the need for government social services subsidies and exploding cost to government budgetary expenditure specific to the department of corrections. These figures do not include the COST SAVINGS FOR STATE AND FEDERAL BUDGETS WHICH IS ESTIMATED AT $67,152 PER PERSON ANNUALLY

 Jobs Created Estimated Annual State & Federal tax Revenue New Economic Payroll/Purchasing power Impact per year Estimated Annual Small business and Membership Revenue Generated Combined Annual Local Communirt Ecomonic Impact
 50 Jobs $177,415 $960,000 $3,975,000 $5,112,415
100 Jobs  $354,830 $1,920,000 $7,950,000 $10,224,830
300 Jobs $1,340,552 $5,760,000 $23,850,000 $30,950,552
600 Jobs $2,616,998 $11,520,000 $47,700,000 $61,836,998