February 2nd thru 7th
Jackson, MS

New Horizon Event Center
1750 Ellis Avenue

The P.O.P. Movement & Black Wall Street USA/Mississippi & the Mississippi Freedom Day Society presents an Economic Summit & Soft Launch of a Massive Grassroots Job Creation Campaign for the State of Mississippi. 

Entitled The P.O.P. Job Creation Campaign for Success.
Goal is to create a minimum of 1,000,000 Jobs & 200,000 Entrepreneurs Nationwide by 2022, with Mississippi being Ground Zero to Implement Change.

Campaign slogan:
Why We Can't Wait Any Longer

Inspired by Dr. King's book he wrote in 1963; Why We Can't Wait

Schedule of Events

Feb 2nd: Banquet & President Ethel C. Russell welcoming & acceptance speech

Feb 3rd: An Economic Summit, revealing the blueprint for the Job Campaign

There will be information on free grant writing classes, 501c3 Educational training, and Healthcare awareness,  as well as other businesses will be there to provide information on how to help your community, business or idea move forward

Feb 4th: Church Service @ New Horizon Church International (8AM)

Feb 5th-6th: The President and Campaign crew will be visiting other local businesses and organizations in Jackson, surrounding cities, and communities

Feb 7th: It's Mississippi Freedom Day, which will also be the Official Soft Launch of the campaign for the State of Mississippi on the grounds of the State Capital

February 2nd
Special Event
Event fee: $25

Payable on the event signup page, unless otherwise agreed upon through email. This low fee goes towards catering and the event space rental.

The sign-up form form is for community members to let us know they are planning on coming, and so we can keep them in the loop for updates and specifics about the event series.

        About the Supporters

        Our Fundraising project has been design create a self stainable system that will provide on the job training and jobs for our students while learning how to become self sufficient employees and business owners. and the processing of these products

        The Bethel AME Church of Mound Bayou Mississippi is the 1st church body to implement our fund raising project. The AME church is the oldest African American Church in the World Founded In 1816 by Richard Allen. With 3.5 million members world wide.

        The second church to implement our fundraiser projects is Mrs. Georgia Lowe and Pastor Clinton Bryant from Gethsemane Garden COGIC the Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tn. One of the largest religious body Church in the world 6.5 million members. Founded in 1897

        Pioneers Pastors support

        Rev. Dr. Lasimba Gray Sr. of (The New Sardis Baptist Church, Memphis, TN. has played a vital part of connecting the organization to leaders, organizations and Pastors that will be coming on board as we officially launch this campaign in the Early Spring. Location will be given at a later date.

        Bishop Ronald Crudup of the New Horizon Church International, Jackson, MS, Bishop Crudup will serve as our International Director of Clergyman

        Pastor Wilbert Reddics, Pastor of the Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Rosedale, Ms. Pastor Reddics will serve as our State Clergymen for the Mississippi Delta

        Minister Brenda Thurston Rolle from Aberdean, MS will serve as our International & National Director & Dean of Economic Advocates

        Mrs. Shirley Meeks from Drew Mississippi will serve as the Northern Regional Director of Economic Advocates

        Gonda Cross, from Clarksdale, MS will serve as President of Economic Advocates for Coahoma County division.

        About the MAPs & WAPs

        Men & Women On The Move To Make A Historic Change for Better Economics

        The Continuation of a Legacy of Hope

        The P.O.P. (Prosperity Over Poverty) Movement is looking for Women & Men that are concerned about the poor Economic conditions in their community and in their country. If you are one of those individuals, please contact us to become a Man or Woman About Priorities today! We need your support!

        Our job creation campaign will kick off December 1-7 of 2017, and soft-launch February 1-7 of 2018. This campaign is to create a minimum of 1,000,000 jobs and 200,000 entrepreneurs NATIONWIDE by the year 2022. We are starting with Mississippi, the country's most economically poorest state.

        Registrater to become a Community Economic Advocates (Men & Women About Priorities). We are looking for people to fill Economic Advocate positions such as Regional Directors, Local Community Branch Leaders such as Campaign Managers, Vice President, Secretaries, Treasures, Chaplain's/Clergymans etc. that will represent the state of Mississippi.

        Who we are looking for to represent our state of Mississippi:

        200 Women
        200 Men
        200 Millennial young ladies (Age 18-30)
        200 Millennial young men (Age 18-30)
        200 Adolescents Boys (Age 5-17)
        200 Adolescents Girls(Age 5-17)

        If you know anyone that fits this description, or may be interested in being a part of this historic and life-changing event, please send them to this website, or have them call one of the numbers listed below: