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Business Development Creates New Jobs

Our business development planning programs are used to determine a company's mission, vision, and values. We clarify its goals and objectives, and we outline various roles and responsibilities. Business development planning is a disciplined effort that results in fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what a business is all about and what it does and why, with a focus on the future. The P.O.P. Job Creation Campaign for Success uses the proceeds from our products and services to provide seed money to start other businesses in order to create more jobs.


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Phase 1 — Cradle-To-Cradle Manufacturing

You may wonder what cradle-to-cradle manufacturing actually is. It's manufacturing that supports the concept of going green by turning old materials into new products, and thereby, extending the life of the original product. We take old books and extend their useful lives by turning them into treasured keepsakes. Our books commemorate special moments, events, and occasions, such as the election of our first African-American President, as well as marriages, anniversaries, and graduations. Implementing a concept of this type keeps millions of books and other tangible items out of our landfills. By recycling, we help preserve the ozone layer and protect our environment. The manufacturing of our keepsake book products will be located in Shelby, Mississippi.

Phase 2 — Business Training Centers

Profits from our keepsake book sales will be used to open business training centers. Local training centers are needed in every community. Proceeds are also invested in the dreams of entrepreneurs. We help motivated individuals and fund new business startups throughout the country. Entrepreneurship is vital in economically disadvantaged states, like Mississippi. We invest up to $20,000, and the student must have completed our Lifeline Environmental & Entrepreneur Training Academy program. Their initial training takes 12 months and demonstrates their commitment. Our goal is to prepare individuals for business ownership in the 21st century. We offer a financial education, as well as leadership and ethics training.

Phase 3 — Global Greenology Manufacturing Plant

Global Greenology offers environmentally friendly building solutions and green products. A Global Greenology home can be produced and assembled in just five weeks. We are in negotiations with them, and the plant is projected to come to Shelby, Mississippi, within 6-12 months. This manufacturing plant is expected to employ 100 to 300 people. It will also provide countless opportunities for contractors, who will then create thousands of jobs for others assembling the finished homes.