News of economic and social injustice in disadvantaged communities across the state of Mississippi and other states is being unveiled at an alarming rate.  Unless social organizations and the business community begin to act in unison, we stand to lose yet another generation to the devastating effects of mass incarceration, economic/social injustice and poverty.  

In spite of these issues the POP Movement & LEETA INC. is seeking your help in launching a massive job creation eco system to be implemented in Mississippi and nationwide. This New Eco-System is a modeled prototype specifically designed for duplication and large scale expansion. This system has the potential to make a positive economic impact on thousands of disadvantaged individuals and communities by creating jobs and pathways of economic opportunities.

A Continuation of a Legacy of Hope

The P.O.P. Movement is a multi-culture, humanitarian economic movement. P.O.P. stands for, "Prosperity Over Poverty," and that's our main goal. January 8-15 2022, we will be launching a Massive Job Creation initiative in the form of a campaign poised to bring substantial, quantifiable change to impoverished communities across the country. Our goal is to create a minimum of 1,000,000 Jobs and 200,000 entrepreneurs nationwide by 2025. We will be opening P.O.P. New Day Business Resource and Market Centers mainly in impoverish communities within every 10-25 miles radius beginning in the state of Mississippi.

The P.O.P. Job Creation Campaign for Success continues a legacy of hope. Our goal is to provide communities with the means to stimulate our country's economy, returning it to its former greatness and beyond. We provide a financial education to individuals in disadvantaged communities, including middle class communities filled with the working poor due to the continued rise in inflation and tax law changes that have affected the economy in the past and present.

This is a national campaign that will be officially launching December 1-2 2018 from the capitol of the #1 economically poorest state: Jackson Mississippi. History will be made again. Mississippi will be the leading state to launch this campaign entitled “Why We Can’t Wait Any Longer. We need your assistance and support. We are asking that all Mississippians to take the lead in this campaign. We are Moving Forward & Demanding Prosperity.  

Our ultimate goal in this campaign aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their businesses set up properly and thriving enough to hire employees or additional employees that come from our job readiness training program. We focus on helping individuals achieve financial stability, many of which may be from impoverished communities, experiencing hardships that come from unjust criminal backgrounds, and those that have systematic oppressions to deal with in their everyday lives.
We are creating this crowdfunding campaign to bring in operating funds from donors to support our mission in getting started faster. We are not government funded and have built a self-sustainable system which allows these individuals to Do For Self.

We have been in existing for over 3 years and has just finished a 2 year test on this concept of mindset change which was initiated in Mound Bayou, Ms. (The oldest African American City in the Country).

The P.O.P. Movement had the privilege of being place in the History museum during the state of Mississippi 200 year bicentennial as of December 9-2017 because of our concepts use in teaching self-sustainability based on the teachings of I.T. Montgomery and Benjamin Green the founder & Co-founder of the City of Mound Bayou, Ms., where the initial training was implemented. As of September 1, 2017 the P.O.P. move its home office to 901 Forest Street, Shelby, MS 38774, due to severe weather damage the building.

Donator’s & Economic Patriot’s Needed

(Everyone Has an Opportunity to Put Some Skin in the Game) That Will Help in Bringing about Positive Change to Impoverish Communities throughout Mississippi starting in the lower Delta and eventually throughout the world. We are asking all organizations, businesses, churches, community leaders and concern citizens from the state of Mississippi to take the lead in supporting this project by becoming an Economic Patriot and donating a minimum of one-hundred dollars towards our goal or purchase a minimum of 25 commemorative products from our list of fundraising items to help us reach our goal of raising five-hundred, thousand dollars ($500,000.00) in phase one in order to begin opening job training centers in impoverished communities throughout Mississippi.
The P.O.P. & LEETA Training Centers will provide hands-on training to prepare individuals for employment and business ownership. We will also train our students on how to stay in compliance with new and changing tax laws related to business and personal taxes. This new Eco Job Creation System will provide the skills techniques and resources needed to help minimize the number of individuals that’s relying on Federal assistant programs such as SNAP (Food Stamps) or TANIF (Welfare) etc. by creating livable wage employment that will give everyone equal employment opportunities. This new eco system will also benefit felons. By attending these trainings, it will qualify and position these individuals for business startup, finding employment and help many get their record expunged. (Certain rules apply to qualify for expungement.) This system will also have an immediate economic impact in our communities by helping to lower unemployment, mass incarceration. Recidivism and crime.

Why We Exists.

The P.O.P. Movement came into fruition based on the foundation and efforts that our ancestors relentlessly put forward to obtain Freedom, Better Economics including Livable wage jobs, and Social Justice for all. Due to many short comings that many African Americans has been faced with and endured over the years, we can no longer wait for no one else to do it for us. This is "Where We Go From Here", the MLK50 Celebration Slogan.

The P.O.P. Movement Job Creation Campaign for Success campaign slogan is: “Why We Can’t Wait Any Longer.” The campaign slogan was taken from the book Why We Can’t Wait that was written in 1964 by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King foreseen the conditions we would face if we continued to wait.

It has be over 50 years now and many American are still waiting on others to do it for them. We will be making a presence during the 50th Year Poor Peoples Campaign & Mule Train Celebration,
May 4th-13th 2018. We are excited about coming to Quitman County to help restore the communities through training, empowering, educating, creating jobs and to help strengthen existence businesses.


Due to the rich history of Quitman County, we have chosen the Cities of Lambert and Mark, Ms.to be the first county to open A New Training and Resource Center and a Cradle to Cradle Manufacture plant where we will do our job readiness, entrepreneurship training and on the job training. This process will employee up to 25-40 people. The cradle to Cradle Manufacturing plant will make the products that are used in our fundraising project that helps to fund the campaign for the next 4 years.

Our goal is to create a minimum of 50-100 jobs and help a minimum of 25 people start their very own business throughout all counties starting with Quitman County within the next 6-48 months.

How To Obtain Prosperity Over Poverty?

The founders believe that if we take the power of the people and connect it to the power of pennies, we can have prosperity over poverty. The power of pennies is that everyone pays a little and do a little and our collective strength provides us with what we need.

Live Your Creed

I’d rather see a sermon than to hear one any day.
I’d rather one walk with me than just to show the way.
The eye is a better pupil and more willing than the ear.
Advice may be misleading but examples are always clear.
And the very best of teachers are the ones who live their creed,
For to see good put into action is what everybody needs.
I can soon learn to do it if you let me see it done.
I can watch your hand in motion but your tongue too fast may run
And the lectures you deliver may be very fine and true
But I’d rather get my lesson by observing what you do.
For I may misunderstand you and the fine advice you give
But there’s no misunderstanding how you act and how you live.

Campaign Slogans are:

Why We Can't Wait Any Longer (from a book Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in 1964 entitled "Why We Can't Wait.)

Moving Forward & Demanding Prosperity Over Poverty

V.O.T.E.E. Voicing Our Thoughts Economically Everywhere

H.O.P.E. Helping Others Prosper Eternally

"It Is Finished" (One of the last thing Jesus Said before he died on the Cross.)
We are a faith based movement. "Faith Without work Is Dead")